Ethics of Using WordPress Themes for Clients

Our business recently started using WordPress themes as a means of constructing websites for clients. Using themes provides an time-cost efficient method of producing powerful websites without sacrificing functionality. Since our costs stay down, we can reduce our price for the client and ultimately become a stronger competitor in the marketplace.

But these WordPress “themes” only cost about $45 on average, and we are turning around and charging clients upwards of $1500 for their website. So the ethical question then becomes, “Are we overcharging?” Well I did some research and found out that we are actually quite reasonable. It is common to see some web developers charging up to $8000 for websites built with the foundation of a purchased theme. The basis of the justification lies in the knowledge and tools of a web developer. In the same way a home owner would willingly pay a contractor significantly more than the cost of the materials to renovate a home, so a client is perfectly content with paying a web developer the agreed upon amount so long as the expectations of the project are met within a timely fashion.

So what are these “tools & skills” of the modern-day web developer that allows for such a high mark-up on website projects. Well first, we need to look at the tools in terms of quantitative measure, money for this case. Most developers utilize the adobe creative suite as their basis for developing online content. The cost of the entire package is a whopping $1700, but for a developer, this is an investment in the job and will pay for itself in time.

About Jacob

As a college student currently working full time at an IT company, I am beginning to discover how overrated the classroom can be. As a marketing major, I have found resources online to be far superior to some of the things school has taught me.

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