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We’ve been currently working on a new website for a client in the Locum Tenens business Temporary Hiring of Medical Professionals for Medical Offices and Hospitals. Basically our client acts as a third-party human resources department for medical offices and locates qualified professionals to meet job positions needs, such as Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, and Physicians’ Assistants.

The main feature our client wants is the ability to post new jobs positions that become available so that visitors or subscribers can see that most recent jobs that are still available. The problem arises because we built the site in straight HTML and JavaScript, instead of using a CMS. With so many viable CMS options available today, some people may wonder why we are still developing in the native languages? Well the answer, in short, is price. We offer our clients “Custom Designs” along with our web package deals, but in order to build that custom design into a CMS template requires time and resources way beyond what we would be profitable for the company. We would have to raise prices to accommodate for the increase in development time.

We are still looking for a solution, but one we have considered is This is a RSS feed parser that allows the user to pull multiple feeds in and display them in one format on a website. In our case, this may allow our client to post jobs on a simple blog with a basic RSS feed, and then use SimplePie to pull that data on to his main website under the “Jobs” page. There are a few issues though; First, the client now has to keep up with two separate websites, the company site and the blog site. Second, once a job has been filled, is there a way to remove the job from the feed via deleting the post on the blog? Will doing so, removing the posting from the main site? We are still doing our homework on the matter, but any and all suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thanks

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