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I am currently working on a website for SoutherMoon Crossfit, a new gym that just opened in Greenville, SC. When Dave and Hudson, the owners and trainers, came to us with the idea for a new website, they wanted something that would allow them to easily post the daily workouts and videos on their site. We immediately opted for a WordPress site, since that would give them the ease of use and functionality they desired. After selecting their favorite theme, I began the task of building the site and changing the color scheme to fit with their company colors and branding.

The problem started when I could not seem to edit certain colors on the site, such as the link buttons that were generated for blog excerpts. I spent several, upwards of 20, hours trying to figure out why I could not make the changes. I finally diagnosed that somewhere in the template files, there was some style coding that was overriding any new coding I tried to add, but unfortunately, I could not locate the mal-code. I spent hours scouring the main style sheet for the solution. Just this past Friday, I found the answer to my problem.

In the WordPress dashboard, under the appearance tab, there is the “editor” option that allows the user to enter the template files and edit them or add improvements. But for some reason, there was a style sheet for this theme that was not included in the WordPress¬†editor along with the main sheet. Instead, I looked into the database folders that are located on the main servers where the site is currently being stored. There I found a style sheet name “color scheme”, the key to solving all the issues. After finding that file, it only took me about 15 minutes to make all the changes necessary. The hard lesson learned here is that sometimes the WordPress dashboard, for some reason or another, doesn’t always include every file in the editor that is linked to the design of the site. Certain templates will require users to directly edit the files on the database.

Check out the site at www.southernmooncf.com


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As a college student currently working full time at an IT company, I am beginning to discover how overrated the classroom can be. As a marketing major, I have found resources online to be far superior to some of the things school has taught me.

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